Paradise, New Paintings by Audrey Grant at Panter and Hall, Pall Mall, London until 25th September 2020

September 7, 2020

Paradise brings together notions of Arcadia and Desire (Eros the god of love or Eros the Bittersweet). It explores the longing for that which we seek but can never truly find. It is this longing, this desire, that interests me and which motivates our searching in life and in the creative act.
Audrey Grant July 2020

In this latest exhibition Audrey remains in the realms of German literature and the nineteenth century interpretation of classical mythology. Her style has progressed, as far as possible within the medium, to an even purer form of conceptual expressionism. The path from semi-abstract figurative paint- ings to this magnificent series of large scale canvases has been fascinating to watch.
In many places Audrey seems to lose herself in the canvas, abandoning representation to the joy of full expressionism and the physical pleasure of thick paint. The result is a body of work unlike anything we have exhibi- ted here before, a visceral collection both emotionally and visually, but most of all a very human one.
Matthew Hall August 2020

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