Morgenthau Plan for Creative Renewal – RSA Residency with Cromarty Arts Trust, March-April 2020

May 4, 2020

Written for the Cromarty Arts Trust Spring newsletter:

During my time in Cromarty I have been researching material for my project ‘Morgenthau Plan for Creative Renewal’. This is a major new project which will explore real and imagined landscapes – as a metaphor for personal and collective renewal. Cromarty even in lockdown has provided a rich and varied source of material to feed into my work, from the monumental sculptural oil rig platforms in the Firth to the mesmerising Gaelic Chapel and the ever changing light which is just breathtaking. I have explored these as subjects to investigated through a variety of mediums including works on paper, photography both digital and polaroids and short iphone videos. As well as a long-durational drawing/painting measuring 50cm by 10 metres which is a sort of stream of consciousness for my ideas. On returning to my studio in Edinburgh (whenever it re-opens!) I will try to bring all the threads together to create a major new body of work over the next two years. 

Images from the Residency can be viewed on Instagram – audreygrant_artist