Audrey Grant is an award winning painter who also experiments in drawing and mixed media. Her paintings often reflect the human experience in isolation, often devoid of context and frequently inspired by poetry and literature.

The Long Look – the making of a Portrait with the National Galleries of Scotland was on at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery from May – October 2019. The Long Look was a collaboration between Grant and the photographer/printmaker Norman McBeath. It explored the art of long durational portraiture beyond the conventional artist and sitter relationship, revealing what became a unique creative exchange. Grant created two long durational portraits of Norman and also the crime writer Val McDermid. 

Her most recent painting exhibition, Here is our Arcadia at the Tatha Gallery,  took as its starting point the idea of ‘Arcadia’, as a real place but also an imagined place or landscape. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe travelled through Italy in between 1786-1788 and on a visit to Rome was welcomed into the Society of Arcadians, which he describes in detail. My Arcadia paintings are inspired by an entry in his diary when he travelled to Sicily, and whilst walking through the Public Gardens in Palermo it’s great beauty and natural abundance awoke in him a vision of the antique world and Homer’s description in The Odyssey of Phaeacia’s Gardens

Des Meeres und der Liebe Wellen (The Waves of Sea and Love), in 2018, was her third solo show with Panter & Hall, London. It explored the myth of Hero and Leander, marking a significant development in her subject matter and painting practice towards a more conceptual approach. 

Grant’s work has been regularly selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, and the Royal Scottish Academy, Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) and Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) Open exhibitions, Edinburgh. She won the W. Gordon Smith Award in 2018 and the Anne Redpath Award in 2013 at the VAS Open, the Tatha Gallery Prize in 2019 and the Open Eye Gallery Exhibition Prize in 2015 at the SSA Annual Open. She has recently been awarded an RSA Residency for Scotland to undertake research into a major new painting project – Morgenthau Plan for Creative Renewal at Cromarty Arts Trust in March/April 2020.