Audrey Grant is a painter working mainly in oils. Her work explores the human figure and the painted surface. The act of painting is an emotional and physical process for her whereby paint is layered on over a period of time, then scraped back and added to again to create a ‘working surface’ from which a figure begins to emerge. The paint is applied with brushes, palette knives and rags, as though she is trying to uncover or excavate something. She often scratches or scores marks, words, phrases and even mathematical equations into her canvases.

Grant’s figures are mainly solitary and grow out of a dialogue with the paint. They are invented and imagined, not specific to an individual and often reflect a man or a woman in the act of moving or stillness. Her most recent collection has been inspired by observing dancers in rehearsal at Scottish Ballet and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926). More recently she has expanded into a creative exploration of Scottish sea and landscape using mixed media techniques on art photographs.

Audrey Grant’s work is exhibited regularly in Edinburgh and with Panter and Hall, London. Her work is held in private collections throughout the UK, France and Hong Kong and in the public collection of Art in Healthcare, Scotland. She regularly has work selected for the Royal Scottish Academy Open and the Visual Arts Scotland Open. A review of the 2015 VAS Open described the exhibition as having, ‘…some of Scotland’s finest painters including Kate Downie, Barbara Rae, Audrey Grant and Joyce Gunn Cairns’ (The Herald, 2015).

Grant is a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland. She is based at WASPS studios, Patriothall, Edinburgh.