Audrey Grant is an award winning painter who also experiments in drawing and mixed media. Her paintings reflect the human experience in isolation, often devoid of context and frequently inspired by poetry and literature.

Grant’s most recent exhibition, Des Meeres und der Liebe Wellen was her third solo show with Panter and Hall, London. It explored the myth of Hero and Leander, marking a significant development in her subject matter and painting practice towards a more conceptual approach. Ceci est mon corps at the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh arose from her collaboration with Scottish Ballet in rehearsal at their studios in Tramway, Glasgow.

Grant’s work has been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London and the RSA, SSA and VAS Open Exhibitions, Edinburgh, where she won the Anne Redpath Award in 2013, the SSA Exhibition Prize in 2015 and the W. Gordon Smith Award in 2018. Her work is held in private collections and by Art in Healthcare Scotland.

Grant is a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland. She is based at WASPS studios, Patriothall, Edinburgh.