RGI Announces 150th Open Annual Exhibition Prize Winners

November 12, 2011

Audrey Grant awarded the inaugural David Gilchrist Memorial Award for Standing Woman and Landscape.

With some of Scotland’s finest contemporary art set to be showcased at its 150th annual exhibition which opens on Sunday 23 October, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (RGI) has announced the 20 prize-winning artists selected to receive 21 special awards.

Out of over 1300 entries submitted by emerging and established artists earlier this month, 360 artworks were selected for the exhibition which runs from 23 October until 12 November 2011 at The Mitchell in Glasgow. As Scotland’s largest open submission contemporary art exhibition, the show offers the public a unique opportunity to view and buy contemporary art at its best.

THE 2011 MAVERICK AWARD / The Tom McGrath Trust

October 12, 2011

Thanks to an anonymous donation and in memory of Tom |McGrath’s well loved traits as a maverick, inquisitor and explorer, a single project will benefit from a one off award of £1000. This award will be given to the best application for a creative project that departs from the routine and starts to explore new and imaginative possibilities.

The winners of the Maverick Award 2011, announced in October 2011, are Mary Paulson-Ellis and Audrey Grant.