Inscriptions in Arcadia, Bothkennar Pools nr Skinflats

July 5, 2021

Inscriptions in Arcadia is a series of 12 site-specific artworks situated in the beautiful and protected landscape around the Bothkennar Pools, near Skinflats. Visitors are invited to walk on easily accessible paths through this real landscape with its pine trees and lagoons, its reedbeds and fields, and imagine another – the semi-mythical land of Arcadia. You will encounter artworks created from found and made objects placed within elements of the land’s rich industrial and cultural past. Each artwork highlights the unique historical environment of the area, transformed through inscriptions from classical mythology evoking the Gods, the Underworld and the pastoral.

3rd July – 31st August 2021

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Inscriptions in Arcadia was commissioned by Forth Valley Art Beat. For more information about the commission and the artworks please go to:

Audrey Grant - Inscriptions in Arcadia